Few colleges in Kerala can boast of a tradition as rich and varied as Govt Victoria College, Palakkad. It has established itself as one of the most distinguished centres of higher learning in the State. Although the college was started as a Rate School way back in 1866, the institution rose into prominence as a college of renown in 1887 when a great philanthropist, Sri Nellissery S. Narayana Iyer donated land gratis for the construction of this noble alma mater. Since then the college has had a tradition of principals who were excellent academicians and administrators and students who were always eager to strive hard in the pursuit of knowledge. Today, Govt Victoria College occupies a peak of prominence among the cultural landmarks of this scenic district, if not of Kerala. It is spread over a campus of 25 acres punctuated by the imposing buildings housing various departments. The clock tower in the campus, the popular college maidan with its Victorian giant tree offering shade to one and all, and the towering Sri M. Krishnan Nair Gate, are just a few of the major attractions of this college.

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Re-Accredited by NAAC with A grade in 2014

Dr. Geetha V and Dr. Pradeesh K of Department of Physics has been Granted Research Guide-ship in Physics from the University of Calicut. Congratulations! 

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