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The Functioning of the General Library of Govt. Victoria College has started along with the college inception itself. At present the General Library is housed in an independent block. General Library is open to all students and members of staff of the college. Sectional Libraries are attached to the Departments and are under the control of concerned Department.

General Library is housed in a separate block with an approximate floor area of 316 sq. m. with seating capacity of 140. Total area of departmental libraries is 631.97 sq. m.

Ticket system of issue is followed for lending books from General Library. Books are issued for a period of 14 days to students. Staff members are permitted to issue six (6) books for a period of one month. Reservation of a particular book is also available in the General Library on written request from the users.

College has a Library Advisory Committee constituted with the below composition, Chairman: College Principal, Secretary: College Librarian, Members: five (5) HOD\s, College Union Chairman as Students Representative.

The committee meets and frequently visits the library and gives creative suggestions to the smooth conduct of the library. The total collections of the college Library at present is 1,02,309 books and other reading materials such as newspapers, periodicals Journals and college magazines etc.

Number of Journals : 28
Number of Periodicals : 34
Number of News Papers (Malayalam) : 07
Number of News Papers (English) : 04
Number of News Papers (Tamil) : 01
Working hours - On Working Days : 9 : 30 am to 4 : 30 pm

College Library Provides Specialized Services Like:

Manuscripts Project reports, Seminar reports, PhD thesis, College magazines, etc.

Reference: Nearly 6000 volumes of books are available in the reference section.

In-house/remote access to e-resources and INFLIBNET/IUC facilities.

Library offers 60 Volumes of books in Braille system. The library staffs provide help and assistance to visually/physically challenged persons.

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